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About Parachute Moon

Parachute Moon is a love story inspired by two special people who were kind enough to share their amazing tale in my classroom. A student asked me if she could give a speech on the existence of soulmates. She invited her eighty-year-old grandmother and her grandmother’s fiancé into my class to share their account. These two wonderful people were in a relationship over fifty years ago but ended up going their separate ways. While never forgetting about one another, a remarkable chain of events enabled them to meet decades later to rekindle the love they shared as teenagers.

Like Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare or The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, my novel explores the themes of separation, never-ending love, and unyielding faith that create the timeless magic behind Parachute Moon.

Parachute Moon is a heartfelt novel set in central Pennsylvania. The protagonist of the story is Carl Jenkins, an elderly man who has lived by himself for over thirty years, longing for the day when he will be reunited with his one true love. At nearly seventy years old, he finds himself the subject of a documentary film that allows him to reflect on his life and his missing soulmate.

This novel is very unique because it tells a classic story of love in a contemporary way. Carl is faced with reliving his years of joy and pain for all to see. In a world that is now programmed for reality television shows, this enduring tale is presented through the camera lens of the 21st century. The result is a moving commentary on life, love, and faith that will appeal to both younger and older audiences alike.