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Linguistic Debris . . .

Parachute Moon -- The Song

Okay gang, time to update my blog!

So this is the second time that I'm trying to write this blog entry. The first version of this entry that I wrote several minutes ago totally disappeared and I have no idea where it went!? Hmmmm . . .

Anyway, thank you to everybody who checked out my song, "Parachute Moon." I wrote it specifically to go with the book. The song is a bit of an outlier in comparison to the other songs that I've written over the years. This particular song was meant to be a heartfelt, meaningful, and deeply personal song that Carl Jenkins, the protagonist of the novel, wrote for his soulmate. It's the song that's featured in the novel. I am beyond flattered, and, quite frankly, shocked by the overwhelmingly positive feedback that I've received from those who have listened to it. Despite the personal nature of the song, it seems as though many of you can relate (or want to relate) to it. That's awesome!

I've been writing and songwriting for over 15 years, and as a result, I have a lot of songs that I would like to eventually record. I wrote "Parachute Moon" about six years ago as I was crafting my novel. However, I never had the financial means to professionally record any of these songs. It's super expensive!

Enter Rod Feltman. He is an AMAZING guitar player and is in a heavy metal Christian band called Sardonyx. He's currently the calculus teacher where we teach. He has his own recording studio and was generous and gracious enough to offer to record and produce "Parachute Moon" along with other songs that I hope to eventually shape into an album. I think that the sonic production of "Parachute Moon" is outstanding . . . a breezy, acoustic, "beachy" kinda song that really fits the novel. Rod did a wonderful job recording and producing it.

So thank you Rod Feltman! I look forward to recording my other songs together. I'm very blessed to have gotten to know him over the past several years. He's truly a really good dude (and I'm not just saying that!) and has been an inspiration to me in many ways.

*** Disclaimer: he IS a Dallas Cowboys fan though. . .

Thanks for reading my ramble. 'Til next time.

Happy Trails,


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